Pedicure perfection | Our top summer polish picks

Pedicure perfection | Our top summer polish picks

Summer, the season when your pedicure plays just as important a role in your daily (and nightly) style as your manicure. So, whether you’re wearing flip-flops, peep-toe pumps or strappy heels, these are the go-to nail colours that will have you wanting to be seen in open toe sandals all season long!


But first, foot prep…

Smooth, soft feet and neat nails will ensure your pedicure truly sings. Once feet are scrubbed and moisturised, and toenails filed and shaped, prime and protect the nail with a starting layer of Strengthen & Breathe Oxygenated Base Coat And Nail Strengthener.


Top ten summer shades for toes

1. The white toenail trend is flying high this season… and it’s a subtle yet striking and flattering look we can all love. Choose our opaque, pure white, Flocon, for either full-statement coverage or stick to tips for a classic French pedi.

2. If bright white feels a little too much, stick to pale polishes but soften the finish with our dreamy, creamy pale pink, Flapper. Fresh, chic, fun and very versatile, this SS22 limited edition is sure to be a staple seasonal neutral for so many.

3. There’s nothing quite like lazing on a lounger and admiring just how the sunshine makes shimmering polishes shine even brighter! Yes, we love a chrome pedicure and predict you’ll see a lot of them this season. Go vibrant with our sun-filled Golden Hour.

4. Love the idea of wearing sunshine shades? We hear you! They really are the ultimate mood (and style) lifters. For a soft, light yet still fun-filled look, choose our buttery pale yellow Folie Douce, or dial-up the vivacity all the more with our super-spirited orange, Spontaneous.

5. Coral is a summer classic year after year… and this season we’re going brighter than ever with our new limited edition, Jazz Me Up - a punchy, playful and absolutely perfect polish for adorning tanned toes.

6. No summer pedi edit is complete without our quintessential ‘holiday-in-a-bottle’ colour, Santorini. Sweep on this vivid, uplifting shade for the finest, freshest turquoise shade your toes could wish for.

7. With its vibrant blend of violet and blue tones, we think Pantone’s colour of 2022, periwinkle, is a particularly perfect choice for your pedi. Try it for yourself with our dynamic and dreamy Bluebell polish.

8. Pastels are proving to be this season’s most sought-after shades… plus they’re ideal for days and occasions that require softer, stylish yet still fun colours. Our favourites? Our pale green Minty Fresh and perky light blue Charleston. Pure pedi perfection for picnics and parties.


Seal in a flawless finish, fast

Protect from colour fade or discolouration while delivering a gloriously shiny finish to your pedicure with Fast Dry Gloss, our bestselling, vegan-friendly top coat - touch-dry in just 40 seconds.


Image credit: @befity