Our essential holiday nail colour and care picks

Our essential holiday nail colour and care picks
Sun, sand, sea and carefree days by the pool are calling. So, to ensure your nails are in top condition before you depart and stay looking bright and beautiful throughout your break, we’ve pulled together our top escape essentials edit.

Days to departure

Prolonged exposure to chlorine or saltwater can weaken or deplete nails and cuticles. In the week or so before you go, build-up nails’ resilience and strength with an award-winning Apothecary treatment. Revive brittle, breaking nails with our mineral- and antioxidant-rich The Cure Nail Hardener or rejuvenate dry or damaged nails with Acai Nail Elixir. Plus, because all three are also breathable base coats, pack one on longer holidays ready for a mid-break mani-pedi refresh.

Boost nails and cuticles ready to resist the drying effects of sun’s heat or aeroplane air-con with nightly nourishing doses of Little Treasure. What’s more, keeping nails and cuticles replenished and rejuvenated will also prevent peeling or cracking. If you can, make space in your beauty bag for this mini treatment too - your post-plane or pool tips and toes will thank you.

Polishes to pack

When it comes to summer nail colour, anything goes! So follow your heart and pack your favourites. For a little inspiration, these are our must-haves.

1. The roaring 20s truly channelled a party spirit and you won’t find a more lively look for fingertips and toes than our glamorous coral, Jazz Me Up - the can’t-go-wrong colour for striking beach or bar style.

2. There’s no better occasion than a holiday to adorn nails in the bright, bold and beautiful turquoise hue of Santorini. Fresh, flattering and truly fabulous, it looks simply superb against sun-kissed, medium or dark skin tones.
3. Short breaks often call for low-maintenance shades that will last the distance… but that doesn’t mean you have to skip on fun. Choose our light and lively buttery lemon, Folie Douce - the perfect pastel for your sun-inspired mani-pedi.

4. Escaping to the sun for summer nuptials or perhaps a bridal shower and need something neutral? Pack our light-as-air off-white-beige polish, Almond. Subtle and sophisticated, it will stand out from a crowd against more conventional nude colours.

5. Colour plus shimmer is what summer dreams are made of. If beach, bar and dancefloor all call, be prepared with Ring A Posie. The pairing of warm rose-gold pigments and ultra-fine glitter really is pure holiday polish perfection.

Stay shining bright

UV exposure can really diminish the vibrancy and distinction of your summer mani-pedi. We know space is at a premium, but those holidaying for a fortnight or more will benefit from reapplying Fast Dry Gloss every few days. It not only protects polish from chips or peeling, but also contains UV filters to prevent colour fade or yellowing.

Still a little spot in your carry-on?

Those travelling only with hand luggage yet holidaying for longer (and so planning to swap polishes while away) will rejoice in the news our acetone-free Clean Nail Colour Remover comes in a just-within-restrictions 100ml bottle. Surely that’s worth making space in the liquid’s bag for...