Nailberry | Behind our Halal certification

Nailberry | Behind our Halal certification

Quite simply, we want everyone to enjoy wearing Nailberry polishes. The timeless hues, vibrant tones and high shine finishes complement and complete our every look, while the breathable finish and cruelty-free formula make them a pure and guilt-free pleasure to wear… And honestly, no-one should be denied that.

We believe nail colour should be inclusive for all and, the fact our unique colour and treatment formulations are free of animal derivatives and certain alcohols, has meant we proudly hold Halal certification.

Halal certification is a particularly important consideration for our Muslim customers. As part of Halal certification, ethical production processes are also encouraged. Halal cosmetics mustn’t include genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are deemed unclean by Islamic law, animal-derived ingredients such as keratin, carmine, gelatin, lanolin and oleic acid, or ethyl alcohol. On this latter point, all Nailberry formulations are free from ethyl alcohol, though you may have noticed on our ingredients list the inclusion of isopropyl alcohol, N-butyl alcohol and diacetone alcohol. Unlike ethyl alcohol, which originates from fermentation of vegetal and is used for human consumption (hence why it is haram), these latter three ingredients originate from petro-chemistry and are never used for human consumption. They are, therefore, all Halal certified organisms. 

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Halal cosmetics are also inevitably vegan-friendly and cruelty-free – two additional and equally important qualities our polishes possess. Nailberry founder Sonia Hully, has always championed an environmentally conscious and sustainable approach, ensuring that our ingredients have never and will never result in the demise of an animal, nor are any of our ingredients derived from animal by-products. You can read more about this commitment here.

Of course, our dedication to these qualities most certainly doesn’t require any compromise on colour, texture, quality or finish. Thanks to innovation, technology and, naturally, the right investment, everyone – regardless of cultural or lifestyle choice – can enjoy vibrant, glossy, joyous colour and a healthy manicure.  

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