Define, refine and strengthen | How the right nail file makes all the difference

Define, refine and strengthen | How the right nail file makes all the difference

The humble nail file may well not be something we usually dwell on when it comes to reviewing and replenishing our beauty toolkits. Yet this essential tool really can be what makes all the difference, not only to how smooth, shapely and polished your nails are, but also their strength and long-term health. 

Compared to only a few years ago, nail files today come in a vast array of styles, colours, sizes and types. It’s no surprise then that many of you often ask us what the right file for your nails is. The most important consideration? Choose a file with the right grit value and your nails really will thank – and reward – you.

What’s grit value?

The grit value of a file describes how coarse it is and is determined by the grains of abrasive material in a one-inch square measurement. The lower the grit value, the coarser the file and therefore the rougher it is on your nail.

An expert choice

When it comes to the perfect file for natural nails, our choice is always a professional-standard cushioned board with a medium 180-to-240 grit value. Quite simply, such a file will smoothly and efficiently deliver your desired shape and length without any abrasive after-effects for your nail. 

There are files on the market with coarser textures and grit values dropping as low as 100 or, in some cases, even 80 – these are generally used on artificial nails or to remove gel and should never be used on natural nails. With over seven years experience and countless manicures conducted, we recommend you steer clear of such files due to the likelihood of permanent damage to your nail and always request a high grit value file. 

What’s more, for those of you who perhaps enjoy occasional artificial or gel nails, the medium texture of a 180 grit value file also works superbly to smooth this nail type, meaning you’ll never need to purchase anything different.

Brilliant boards

Crystal, curved, block, board, cushioned or not… such choices are a matter of personal preference. Here at Nailberry, however, we love a cushioned board. It offers just the right level of flexibility to work smoothly around the contour of each nail, speeding up filing with no risk at all to their condition.

The Nailberry file 

It’s for these very reasons that we created the Nailberry file; a dual-sided cushioned board with a medium 180 grit on one side and a finer 240 grit on the other. Gentle yet effective, the 180-grit value side files nails down to your desired size and shape while the softer 240-grit can then be used to secure a smooth finish. It’s always delivered the best results for us, in the salon and at home… and no well-groomed woman should be without one! Discover the Nailberry file for yourself here.