Your go-to nude, revealed

Your go-to nude, revealed

In our humble opinion, The Classic Nude Polish is an indispensable accessory. Not only does it refresh and enhance your fingers, but it will also never clash with any outfit you choose, nor will nails appear unsightly should the polish get a little scuffed.

Finding the right hue to suit your skin tone will make all the difference to your finished look... so we've hand-picked just some of our favourites to help you find your perfect match.

Au Naturel
Fairer skins looking for a truly natural look will adore the feather-light, high-shine finish and delicate kiss of beige colour from our semi-sheer Au Naturel polish.

If you're lighter skinned and looking to make more of a statement, reach for Mystere - our opaque blend of soft cream and subtle smoke with a flush of lilac.

Slightly darker and sumptuously creamy, the caramel-beige hues of Honesty beautifully complement olive tones or sun-kissed skin.

Darker skin tones look striking when contrasted with a light polish... and the sheer, subtle and soft beige tones of Almond will beautifully flatter your style.