Vegan Values | Behind our certification

Vegan Values | Behind our certification
Recent years have witnessed radical change in the importance society places on veganism. Indeed, according to The Vegan Society, an estimated 350% more people in the UK adopt a vegan lifestyle today, compared to a decade ago. With people now looking to purchase brands and products aligned with these ethical and environmental views, we’ve also seen sharp rises in the number of consumers demanding vegan beauty.

While many other brands have scrambled to modify formulations in line with such demand, this ‘movement’ is nothing new for us here at Nailberry. Since opening our doors in 2012, our unswerving environmental ethics, commitment to animal welfare and respect for nature have always set us apart. Our complete collection of nail polishes and treatments are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, as well as proudly certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) – principles we uphold across our whole supply chain by working closely with all our suppliers and partners.

“I’ve always been particularly passionate about animal welfare, sustainability and environmental ethics and believe our customers share these values. It remains our promise that no Nailberry formula or ingredient will ever be derived from animal by-products or result in the demise of an animal.”
Sonia Hully, Nailberry Founder

What is the difference between cruelty-free and vegan?

Cruelty-free refers to a formula or ingredient that doesn’t test on animals. Animal testing in the EU has been outlawed for several years, with these laws extended in 2013 to include the sale of cosmetics that may have been tested on animals outside of the EU. This doesn’t, however, guarantee brands aren’t testing ingredients or products on animals, with conflicting laws in other countries making the search for non-animal-tested cosmetics a minefield for consumers.

Therefore, in a world where consumers may be rightfully suspicious of legal loopholes, choosing brands with vegan certification also means the formula is entirely free from animal or animal-derived ingredients.

How we mastered vegan varnishes

Those of you familiar with delving into ingredients listings to determine vegan credentials will be well versed in the long-standing use of certain animal-derived ingredients in conventional nail polishes. Primarily, these include carmine for its rich red colour, fish scales for their shimmering effect and protein-rich animal keratin for its nail hardening quality.

Yet these animal-derived ingredients are in no way proven to be superior. Therefore, when she set about crafting our first formulas, our founder Sonia Hully made it her mission to disrupt nail lacquer convention and find vegan-friendly alternatives that didn’t compromise on nail colour vibrancy or shine.

Keratin is a natural protein produced by our bodies, forming the building blocks of skin, hair and nails. In fact, our nails are made of keratin and, when they become dry, damaged or brittle, will benefit from protein-enriched treatments. Bypassing animal-derived sources, however, we use protein-rich Black Algae in our bestselling nail hardener, The Cure, and a keratin-like peptide in our award-winning Acai Nail Elixir to boost nail hardness, strength and condition.

In terms of colour, we use mineral-derived pigments only – iron oxides or titanium dioxide that deliver rich colour depth and tone without any animal (or insect) intervention.

As for the spectacular shimmer so many of you love across our metallic polishes, we achieve this using a combination of synthetic mica – ultra-fine, chemically unreactive and plastic-free glitters, lustres and flakes. Synthetic mica is purer and, therefore, brighter than natural mica, plus it does not contain any sharp edges, ensuring it’s gentle and kind on the nail surface and bed.

Finally, the pearlised, colour-changing finish of some of our polishes – such as Glamazon, Pink Sand or Star Dust – are achieved using tin oxides, combined with the above-mentioned synthetic mica for a gorgeously glossy, iridescent effect.

Beyond polish

Our vegan and cruelty-free values extend far beyond our formulas. Find out more about the global and grassroots causes we and our founder Sonia support in our Giving back does good blog.

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