Top 3 Ways To Prepare For Sandal Season

Top 3 Ways To Prepare For Sandal Season

Hey there! It’s Anna here from Le Fashion Fetish, Summer has officially arrived but are you ready for ‘sandal season’? I’ve compiled my 3 top tips for making sure your tootsies enjoy the sun as much as you do.

There’s nothing worse than having to tuck your feet away on public transport in London when your wearing sandals because haven’t had a pedicure, because lets face it everyone checks our your shoe game on the tube. 

Like they always say, start from the bottom then work up right? So what better place than to start with your feet for some Summer skin prep..

Tip 1- Invest in a good gradual tan

I like to use St Tropez and then add a bit of ‘This Works’ Perfect Legs Sculpt & shine on top to achieve a gorgeous dewy glow for my legs and feet. Hydration is key in the Summer, no one wants to see dry feet!

Tip 2 – Go for a Pedicure

My dad once told me, if there’s one thing you should invest your money in it’s your feet and your bed mattress- because you spend all of your life in one or the other, so true! Noone can give a better pedicure than Nailberry can, swoop down to their Kensington Salon and relax in one of their comfy chairs for a pedicure you wont forget anytime soon. Don’t forget to bring flip flops!


Tip 3 – Arrive prepared

Remove all nail polish, and come with clean feet. By all means the pedicurist will remove the polish for you but wouldn’t you rather more time spent on your foot massage? I know I would!


The Nail Colour for Summer // Nude

It’s no secret that nude is trending and has been for the last year, it’s reflected in the stores and on social media, and I don’t think it’s going to age anytime soon! You can wear nude with almost anything and its totally inoffensive. In fact it often compliments the outfit. Our Almond Nailpolish is perfect for this, what’s your perfect shade?