The Perfect At-Home Manicure

The Perfect At-Home Manicure

10 steps to a professional finish

Every season enjoys it’s share of social events… whether it’s dinner and drinks with friends, garden parties, weddings, festivals or escaping to the sun, we all yearn for our nails to look healthy while stylishly complementing our outfit at every occasion.

Nothing quite says ‘perfect finish’ more than a professional manicure… though if you struggling to secure an appointment or time is of the essence, simply follow our at-home manicure below for soft, smooth hands and salon-finished nails.

Preparation makes perfect

1.  Soak a lint-free cotton pad with nail polish remover and sweep over your nails to remove lingering varnish, oils and impurities.

2.  When nails are dry, file (in one direction) and gently buff them to smooth any uneven areas and achieve your desired length. When it comes to files, our expert choice would be a fine-grit professional nail file for natural nails; effective in ensuring your desired shape and length without being abrasive on your nail.

3.  Take a sugar or salt scrub and massage into hands to remove any dead skin while smoothing and softening any dry areas. Rinse away the scrub then immerse hands in a bowl of warm water for around five minutes, to allow cuticles to soften. Pat dry, then dampen a wooden stick in water and use it to gently push cuticles back, leaving the nail bed clean and nails looking longer.

4.  Wash hands then moisten a lint-free cotton pad with nail polish remover and sweep over nails to clear excess natural oils and nail filings from the nail bed. Ensure hands and nails are dry before applying one coat of Strengthen & Breathe Oxygenated Base Coat. Not only will this help protect nails, prevent chipping and enhance the wear of your chosen polish, but its dual treatment formula also contains a powerful strengthening agent proven to help improve nail condition and prevent breakage. 

Are you looking to accomplish a French Manicure or full colour effect? Take your chosen route below…

French Manicure

5.  If you prefer a particularly white tip, apply two thin coats of Flocon, our opaque white polish, to the white tip of each nail. (If you desire a more natural French manicure look, simply skip this step.)

6.  Next, coat nails with one sweep of semi-sheer polish – we love Elegance; its delicate pink tones still show your natural white tip while ensuring a beautifully natural, French manicured look to nails. Alternatively, opt for new White Mist to achieve a chic and minimal look. Use our brush to evenly cover your nail from cuticle to tip and into the corners of each nail. Once the first coat is complete, apply a second. 

Full colour polish

5.  Apply one thin coat of your chosen Nailberry polish - our award-winning, toxin-free and breathable formula for a healthier manicure. 

6.  Follow with a second thin coat of polish – this avoids the risk of chipping, commonly associated with thick coats, while ensuring a vivid, professional-quality finish to each nail. 

The flawless finish

7.  Prolong wear and prevent fading with a final layer of top coat. If you desire a high shine, breathable finish, opt for our revolutionary and breathable Shine & Breathe Oxygenated Top Coat. For a velvet-soft matte finish, choose our Touche Velours Matte Top Coat. For those of you requiring a swift drying time, reach for our Fast Dry Gloss, delivering ultra-glossy nails that are touch-dry in just 40 seconds. (Do still take care though for around 15 minutes, as nails won’t be fully dry in this time and may still smudge. Placing hands in very cold water will also assist drying time.) 

8.  Tidy up any errors with our Miracle Corrector Pen. Acetone-free, suitable for sensitive skin and formulated to work on natural, acrylic and gel nails, it contains Jojoba Oil to nourish the skin around your nail bed while naturally derived organic solvents effectively erase any nail polish mishaps. 

9.  Allow ten or fifteen minutes for all layers to fully dry or, if you’re in a rush, apply a single drop of our Dry and Dash Lacquer Drying Drops onto the centre of each nail to help speed up drying time. Let it roll evenly over the nail to quickly dry this final layer. Enriched with Omega-3 rich Inca Inchi Oil and Vitamins A and E, this oil also ensures nails and cuticles are nourished and revitalised.

10.  Once nails are entirely dry, drop a single drop of our Little Treasure Nourishing Cuticle Oil onto the cuticles and gently massage, allowing the oil to naturally soak in. Our luxury oil blends concentrated Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6. The results are remarkable, helping hydrate, protect and repair the nails and cuticles, preventing peeling, dryness or cracking. Finish by smoothing a little cream or balm into your hands to leave them ultra-soft and looking sublime.