The nail colours taking centre stage in 2022

The nail colours taking centre stage in 2022
Socially, culturally, personally - there’s no denying the significance of colour in our everyday lives. It has the power to calm, uplift, energise and empower while also forming a crucial function in expressing our unique personality and style.

As we begin this new year with intrigue, hope and gratitude, these are the nail polishes we predict will feature prominently among your most-chosen and most-loved hues in the months to come. A diverse edit spanning grounding neutrals and dynamic brights, reflecting our continued need for calm and comfort alongside newfound aspirations for adventure, joy and life lived well. Which of them will be your new favourite?

  1. Lighthearted, carefree and full of cheer, love for pink polishes will remain high this year. From soft, powdery pastels, such as our light-as-air Rose Blossom to duskier vintage mid-pinks like Kindness and our boldest, brightest neon-blush, Sacred Lotus, pink feels playful and free-spirited while still reassuringly familiar.

  2. Fresh, energising and full of optimism, pastels will also continue their reign as sought-after shades, especially in spring and summer - particularly our light, warm coral, Peony Blush, and glorious creamy green, Minty Fresh.

  3. Perhaps surprisingly for some, purple really will take centre stage this year. Pantone named a ‘periwinkle blue’ their colour of the year - a warm, creative and characterful colour represented by our Bluebell polish with the power to perk up your mood and style on any day. Those preferring more muted and refined purples will adore our soothing, smouldering lavender-grey, Peace.

  4. 2022 will see more of us than ever going green! Embracing our revived value for health and wellbeing above material endeavors, the soft, creamy and earthy tones of our light khaki, Love You Very Matcha, allow us to beautifully reflect this sentiment in our style.

  5. Though already well-established as a Nailberry icon, our bright and fiery red, Rouge, will continue to reign supreme this coming year, thanks to its talent for exuding confidence, energy and joy with the added assurance of suiting all skin tones, styles and occasions.

  6. Rich, vibrant and alluring yet still radiating warmth and comfort, chocolate tones will make a comeback this year. Take your nude polish choice to new heights with our creamy light taupe, Cocoa Cabana, or go dark and dynamic with Hot Coco.

  7. Balancing classic familiarity with a contemporary edge, grey is a suits-all shade when you seek something different to conventional nudes. Choose a softer, paler hue, such as Mindful Grey, to channel a tranquil vibe or our deep stormy grey, Stone, to make a stronger (though never over-the-top) style statement.

  8. The simplicity of warm, ultra-light colours work wonderfully any season, any time and any occasion you desire a break from bold brights. For a clean, flattering and natural look, choose our pale beige with a hint of blush, Au Naturel. For a purer-still hue, reach for our sophisticated off-white-beige, Almond, to compliment your style without stealing away any attention.