Pedi perfection | Top ten summer shades for toes

Pedi perfection | Top ten summer shades for toes

If there’s a little while to go until your next salon trip, why not take control of your own style and treat feet to a pro-standard pedicure? Yes, few people may see your toes, meaning spending time painting them therefore seems frivolous, but what about the undeniable joy of seeing beautifully bright toes peeking from peep-toe pumps and flats? Exactly! It’s time to revel in a little summertime self-indulgence… and we have just the polishes to make your pedicure a seasonal sensation.

Before you open the bottle…

Our at-home pedicure is the perfect primer for your chosen polish. Softening, smoothing and so very simple, follow our seven-step guide here.

Top ten summer shades for toes

1. If you seek to avoid dark hues this summer, but pastel shades make you switch off, our spring/summer limited edition, Pomegranate Juice, is an impeccable pick. Its playful pink tones set in a juicy, semi-sheer gloss instantly refresh and lift your look… and, trust us, your mood is sure to follow. 

2. While strictly not a shade, our outstanding 5-in-1 treatment, Acai Nail Elixir, is ideal for those days you desire a break from colour yet still wish to display smooth, shiny nails. Its delicate pink hue delivers a perfectly polished ‘your toenails, but better’ finish, while its antioxidant-rich formula nourishes, strengthens and protects.


3. When you can’t quite make your mind up, but wish for an alternative to nude, a neutral (yet nonetheless very seasonally appropriate) option is gold. Versatile and vibrant, our summer limited-edition, Golden Hour, is a perfect balance of creamy, opaque yellow-gold tones and subtle shimmer that complements every skin tone. 


4. It may seem clichéd but a high-shine vibrant pink like Hollywood Rose simply is the spirit of summer. Refreshing, joyful and impossible to ignore, one glance at its tropical fuchsia tones on your toes will transport you to a favourite far-flung destination.


5. Prefer to skip on pink, yet wish to channel that spirit of escape? Look no further than Santorini, our bright and bold pastel turquoise. Inspired by the brilliant blue domes and azure seas typified by this glorious Greek isle, it’s an especially exquisite choice for toes.


6. Flocon… French for ‘snowflake’. Its name evokes visions of crisp, cold winters, yet there’s something so fresh and faultless about adorning summer toes with this pure, bright white opaque. Subtle to work as a neutral choice, yet also bold and contemporary, we’re quietly confident you’ll love it as much as we do.


7. If lingering for too long in loungewear has dipped your spirits and style, lift them right back up again with a sweep or two of Berry Fizz. Bright, rich and infused with a delicate shimmer, this ultra-shiny, semi-sheer nail gloss delivers a dash of instant glamour to toes. 


8. While you may think green is the reserve of the festive season, we’re certain you’ll agree Glamazon brings something very special indeed to our summer style. A lavish blend of pearlised emerald green, yellow and blue, this bold, bewitching polish looks nothing short of divine when adorning your toes.


9. Feeling playful? Then take a look at our creamy pale pastel, Lilac Fairy. Sweet without being sickly and balanced with cool undertones, this bold, upbeat hue adds a fun yet sleek edge to your style. An immaculate choice to welcome in the weekend.  


10. No nail guide would be complete without a red polish recommendation... and this season, our hearts are set on Decadence. A summer twist on classic rouge, just two coats of this vibrant and lively opaque orange really makes toes pop.