Our Scented Collection story

Our Scented Collection story

This autumn-winter, we’re taking your Nailberry manicure to playful new heights! We know the joy a sweep of rich, new and energising colour brings - now, it’s all the more uplifting with our addition of fabulous fragrance infusions...

Unveiling our Scented Collection. Three vibrant hues to reignite your style, releasing delicate aromas we all know and love as they dry down. Creative and enticing, this unique trio invites you to make your seasonal manicure even more merry, day and night.

“This year, I wanted to do something very different and fun and knew scented polishes would be ideal. I love how they tempt us all to get playful with our style, try something new and make colouring our nails healthy even more joyful!”
Sonia Hully, our Founder 

Effortless to apply, effortless to remove, these limited editions are everything our seasonal style seeks; making switching between shades to suit occasions or moods simple and enjoyable. 

As with all our formulas, we’ve selected the highest quality scents suitable for use in nail polish. Each aroma endures, even paired with one of our top coats. They’re the perfect, characterful addition to your new-season nail colour wardrobe and, of course, are simply ideal for gifting.


Three special shades, three exclusive scents 



“Brown nail colour is big and lots of our customers have been asking for a mid-toned polish. The addition of a fresh, warm coffee bean aroma makes this extra desirable.”

Smooth, soft and rich, our warm, opaque brown oozes pure sophistication. Its beautifully balanced hue flatters all skin tones and nail lengths, while its delicious, soothing aroma uplifts the senses. Trust us, you’ll love this luxe nude day and night.



“Whatever you’re wearing, this colour looks good! It’s fresh and different to our other green hues and everyone adored this during our test phase.”

Our fresh sage green with its soft peppermint scent delivers on every level. Chic and so very wearable, this creamy opaque looks good on every wearer, adding a distinctive spin on your style whether you’re in the office, occasion dressing or simply enhancing an everyday ensemble. 



“Whether you’re wearing jeans, navy or monochrome tailoring for the office or a winter jumpsuit, this bright pink-red is the perfect colour pop accent to lift your look.”

Our fruity pop pink is the ultimate seasonal energiser. A refreshing alternative to red, it delivers a striking, style-boosting contrast paired with darker autumn-winter wear while its universally loved strawberry scent instantly lifts your mood.


To elevate wear, shine and vibrancy, always pair your polish with one of our oxygenated base and top coats. Start with a thin layer of Strengthen & Breathe, apply two thin coats of your chosen Scented Collection shade, then seal in a perfect, plump and gel-like shiny finish with a sweep of game-changing UV Gloss Top Coat.

Explore our limited-edition Scented Collection colours and purchase them here.