Our 2021 colour edit

Our 2021 colour edit

Wrapping us in warmth and comfort, encouraging a cool, laid-back vibe, rousing joyful emotions, setting the scene with moody hues or arresting our eyes with sharp contrasts…

Colour brings so much richness and substance to our everyday lives, whether on our nails or in our surroundings. Here, we share the tones we predict will become your most picked and prized hues this new year.

  1. The calm to contrast the chaos of last year, Au Naturel is a soft, light and serene beige. Instantly refreshing and ultra-flattering, it’s a perfect polish for days when you seek a break from bright colours or desire an elegant and natural nail look.

  2. Be kind: the message from 2020 that will endure in all of us. With its cheerful rosy hue and delicate glossy finish, our vintage blush, Kindness, is an exemplary everyday and year-round choice to remind us to hold on to this resolve.

  3. Wonderfully warm and vibrant, our shimmering yellow gold, Golden Hour, is the ideal antidote to disheartening days gone by. An exquisite hue on all skin tones, its illuminating colour inspires us to focus on brighter times ahead.

  4. Give thanks for nature’s lush, green goodness with our smouldering dark khaki, Viva La Vegan. While its earthy hue may seem unconventional, we’re confident that once you’ve sampled this versatile verdant polish, there’ll be no going back.

  5. Stuck on selecting the right suits-all shade? Seek out Stone, our dependable deep grey. Neutral yet elegant, composed yet also emboldening, eye-catching without being too dramatic; it’s our perfect modern neutral.

  6. Fresh and full of optimism, we foresee playful pastels becoming most sought-after this spring and summer. Our personal favourites? The creamy coolness of our pale green, Minty Fresh, the cheering warmth of our light coral, Peony Blush, and the subtle sweetness of our classic baby blue, Hope.

  7. Channel the sentiment of keeping calm and carrying on with our dark smoky lilac, Peace. Soothing and smouldering yet also notably alluring, this creamy colour personifies both chic everyday wearability and grown-up evening glamour.

  8. With so many plans put on hold last year, 2021 is a year filled with dreams of taking back up our travels and once more dipping our toes in pure azure seas. Our bright turquoise, Santorini, so beautifully epitomises this morale-boosting enthusiasm.

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