New Year nail SOS

New Year nail SOS

Wrapping up in cosy layers each crisp, cool morning; long days and late nights filled with fun and perhaps a little overindulgence – the festive season certainly brings with it much magic and wonder. Rather inconveniently, however, this combination of exuberance, excess and a dry winter chill can leave not only our skin and hair lacking, but also our nails.

When New Year calls for a little R&R to overcome these effects, a few simple routine additions are all we need to help restore nails to their usual sublime state… 

(Worry not, we aren’t demanding you take a break from colour. Thanks to our patented breathable L’Oxygéné formula, you can still enjoy vibrant, joyful colour and your healthiest ever manicure day in, day out.)

Repair, Rescue, Restore | Your New Year nailcare routine

A fresh start

Soak a lint-free cotton pad with nail polish remover and sweep over nails to remove varnish, oils and impurities. Be sure never to try peeling off polish as this can damage the top layer of nails. For those of you trying to remove gel polish, we recommend returning to the salon and asking your manicurist to soak it off.

Once nails are dry, reach for a good quality natural nail file with a fine grit (like our dual-sided professional Nailberry File) and carefully file nails in one direction until they reach your desired shape and length. Similar to trimming your hair, keeping nails smooth and at a moderate length will help them grow strong, plus the choice of a fine-grit natural nail file will ensure there’s no risk of damage or splitting to your nails as you file. 

Repair and reinforce

Once nails are dry, apply one coat of Acai Nail Elixir, our superior nail-saving formula for repairing and regenerating dry or damaged nails. 

This remarkable and, of course, breathable 5-in-1 base coat and nail treatment is fortified with antioxidants Acai Berry, Violet Extracts and Vitamin E, stimulating Amino Acids plus deeply nourishing Argan and Baobab Oils. The results are swift… and proven. Nail breakage is reduced and imperfections concealed, while condition, growth and strength are all boosted. 

Should nails need an intense treat, simply apply a second thin coat of Acai Nail Elixir (once the first coat has dried). Three days later, glide on another layer of treatment. Once one full week is up, start afresh with a new course of treatment until nails are restored to full health… this may take a month but, trust us, it’s worth the effort.  

Colour your nails healthy

Whether a delicate gloss or subtle nude tone, all our nail treatments leave your nails looking clear, fresh and healthy – meaning you can be confident nails still look sublime even without colour. 

If however you would rather not leave nails colour-free, then simply use your chosen nail treatment as a base coat. Thankfully, when it comes to Nailberry colour, you can relax in the knowledge that your nails are in safe hands with our award-winning breathable and toxin-free formula.

Simply reach for your preferred polish and follow our Perfect At-Home Manicure guide to achieve the finest professional-quality finish.

Care for your cuticles

We’ve mentioned it many times, though it’s always worth reminding how important cuticles are to nail health – after all, clean, moisturised cuticles play a vital role in keeping your nail bed clear and protected from dirt and bacteria.

Once your polish or nail treatment has entirely dried, place a single drop of Little Treasure Nourishing Cuticle Oil on to cuticles and massage around the area and into nails, allowing the oil to naturally soak in. 

This intensely fortifying oil is a highly effective blend of concentrated Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6. Used daily (or nightly, if preferred). It not only rehydrates and helps repair nails and cuticles, but also helps protect them against the peeling, dryness or cracking that is so common this time of year, as well as being associated with overuse of acrylic or gel nails. Seal in this rich moisture by smoothing on a little hand moisturiser or balm and leave overnight. 

In the morning, gently wash hands and – if you haven’t applied a nail polish – add another coat of Acai Nail Elixir. Then again that evening, apply another drop of Cuticle Oil. Continue this routine for one week and you’ll undoubtedly be delighted with the results – sublimely soft hands and strong, beautifully conditioned nails.