New for spring-summer | Introducing A New Era

New for spring-summer | Introducing A New Era

Spring-summer’s arrival motivates us all to embrace a more celebratory and social mood. An instinctive seasonal desire for more playful self-expression in our day and night styling means our latest polish launches couldn’t arrive at a more pertinent time…

Proudly introducing our limited-edition A New Era collection. Four flattering, wonderfully wearable nail shades that offer a new perspective on pastels; from soft, pale and sophisticated hues to saturated, punchy colour pops.

“The spirit of our A New Era collection is so deeply connected to the general cultural mood right now. It’s clear that, after the last 2 years, we seek to break from old, rigid habits and experiment with new ways of thinking, behaving and styling. Now, we seek to show this fun, free spirited and more daring side to the world in light, bright and glamorous colour.”
Sonia Hully, Nailberry founder

Ideal for the long-awaited warm weather, choose to simply adorn tips with their cheerful tones, or go all-out and sweep across the whole nail for a full-impact joyful finish. Both now and in the many months to come, we know you’re going to love colouring your nails healthy with this uplifting quartet.

Four playful pastels

Folie Douce
Our pale buttery yellow is warm, sweet and full of cheer - guaranteed to brighten your mood and add an eye-catching edge to your springtime day look.

For a fresh, fun and yet still elegant nail look for spring-summer picnics and parties, our powder-soft pastel blue is the perfect polish.

Seek a seasonal neutral nail colour? Say hello to our chic pale pink. Flattering and versatile, this soft, creamy rose is sure to be the go-to spring-summer shade.

Jazz Me Up
Those looking for a livelier look will find it in our glamorous coral. Punchy, playful and so alluring, wear it whenever you want your style to stand out for all the right reasons.

Explore the limited-edition A New Era polish collection here.