Foundation and Finesse | Our guide to base and top coats

Foundation and Finesse | Our guide to base and top coats

The thought has, admittedly, crossed all of our minds at one point or another: Is it really worth the time and effort to apply a base and top coat? One word: Yes. 

When time is of the essence, it’s understandably tempting to take a shortcut. However, when looking to achieve a long-lasting, professional-standard and compliments-worthy manicure, these two beauty basics really are your secrets to success. And, trust us, the effort is, without question, worth it. Here’s why…

A strong foundation

1.  Like a facial primer works for your foundation, a good base coat makes your manicure last much longer.

As you know, nails contain natural oils. These in turn prevent polish from adhering to them particularly well. Thanks to their specialised formulas however, our base coats bond brilliantly, both to the nail below and the pigmented polish you layer on top. What’s more, base coats flex as nails move, ensuring your polish does the same. The result? Longer-wearing polish that won’t chip nearly as fast as it otherwise would.

2.  Base coats prevent polish stains.

As exquisite as our rich reds, blues, greens and darks really are, we’re not so enamoured about a lingering yellow tint on our nails afterwards – the inevitable discolouration which occurs when the chemicals within the pigments and polish react with nail plates. Our base coat is your best defence against such staining, providing a transparent protective layer between nail and polish… even when you choose to wear a dark polish for an extended period of time.

3.  Base coats bestow a smoother finish.

Most nail beds contain ridges. Our base coats are formulated with light minerals which effectively fill these ridges and ensure the smoothest, most even finish when you layer your polish on top. Pure polish perfection!

4.  Our base coats are true multitasking marvels.

Not only are our base coats 12-free, breathable, moisture permeable, oxygenated and vegan-friendly, but they also pack an impressive punch when it comes to several other highly desirable nail health benefits. 

From the powerfully strengthening and condition-boosting qualities of our Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat and the proven reparative results from The Cure Nail Hardener to the unsurpassed nourishing, regenerating and fortifying features of our 5-in-1 Acai Nail Elixir Base Coat, these high performing base coats work hard to also enhance nail health. Brimming with antioxidants, amino acids and actives such as Acai Berry, Violet Extracts, Black Algae and Vitamin E, plus Argan and Baobab Oils they represent nothing short of outstanding value for your investment.

Finish and finesse

1.  Top coats seriously boost staying power.

Acting as a transparent barrier to protect from chips, scuffs, scratches and peeling, top coats ensure a considerably longer-lasting manicure. Some customers even comment their Nailberry polish remains impeccable for two weeks before it begins to tire – most reassuring when you’ve invested considerable time and effort in perfecting your at-home manicure. 

2.  Top coats protect colour and add unparalleled shine.

With their clear high-gloss finish, just one layer of our top coat over your polish undoubtedly enhances its vibrancy, shine and beauty.

3.  Colour your nails healthy! 

Like our base coats and polishes, our top coats are also 12-free, breathable, moisture permeable and oxygenated; not to mention also vegan, cruelty-free and Halal certified. Always considerate of the current and future wellbeing of your nails, as well as our responsibilities to the environment and diverse societal cultures, we commit to delivering a healthier manicure without compromise… vibrancy, shine and durability to rival any salon manicure. 

4.  There’s a top coat to meet your every need.

From our space-saving Bare Essential 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat (perfect for your holiday beauty bag) and ultra-glossy Shine & Breathe Top Coat (prepare to dazzle!) to the speedy, super-convenient finish from our Fast Dry Gloss, our collection of top coats serve your every need.