Flatter your fair skin | Polish pairings to suit your tone

Flatter your fair skin | Polish pairings to suit your tone

For those times you’re unsure which polish may best match the season, your mood or your style, a faultless choice is guaranteed when you opt for nail colour that best complements your personal skin tone. 

…And, while many of our shades are reassuringly versatile, certain ones do happen to particularly compliment certain complexions.

Here we explore fair skin, its many guises and our pick of six stunning hues to flatter its very fine form. (For our expert advice on polishes better suited for darker skins, read our partner blog here >)

  • Au Naturel
  • Fair skin is generally cool with blue undertones. Offset this with the hint of soft pink in our semi-sheer Au Naturel. Minimal, elegant and undeniably beautiful, the high shine finish of this light beige looks impeccable on those days you desire a fresh, natural look. 

  • Mindful Grey
  • Grey polish really does compliment almost every skin tone. The calming and captivating blend of grey and beige notes in our Mindful Grey, however, are particularly well-suited to the creamy, porcelain tones that epitomise an English Rose complexion.

  • Mystere 
  • The delicate flush of lilac-grey smoke in our creamy-soft Mystere make a subtle yet splendid statement against all light skin tones, yet are match-made for those with more yellow or beige undertones.

  • Rouge 
  • When it comes to red polish, we say fair skins need never hold back! Our recommendation? The classic Rouge. The rich contrast of its bright, fiery tones against pale skin is simply sublime, yet you can remain confident it won’t ever look ‘too much’.   

  • Maliblue
  • If your fair skin has a warmer undertone, the deep, icy tones of our electric blue, Maliblue, will work especially effectively on you. Fun and fearless, this hue is the perfect choice for a real standout look to your style. 

  • Viva La Vegan
  • For complexions that perhaps straddle the fair-to-medium spectrum, you’ll never go wrong with our deep khaki, Viva La Vegan. Earthy, rich and comforting, this well-balanced creamy blend may initially appear an offbeat choice, but will surprise you with its neutral and ultra-flattering finish. 

    A closing note… 

    Aside from skin tone, nail length also presents a different perspective to your finished style. Longer nails look elegant with light, semi-sheer pinks and nudes, such as Au Naturel, while short nails appear longer with rich, dark tones like Noirberry

    Most importantly, however, never miss optimising the longevity and beauty of your nail look with our professional-standard base and top coats. Read more about these all-important essentials here.