Fix weak, splitting nails and irritated cuticles, fast

Fix weak, splitting nails and irritated cuticles, fast
Troubled by weak, brittle, splitting nails or cracked, sore and irritated cuticles? You aren’t alone. These common nailcare woes are easily induced by seasonal change, harsh hand-washes, nutrient deficiencies and gel or acrylic nail removal. Our no.1 tip for overturning each and every issue? Our award-winning Apothecary range.

Powerful, proven and packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and more, they zone in on your key concerns to help quickly revive noticeably healthier condition. (Don’t forget, they’re all breathable, moisture permeable, 12-free, Vegan, Halal and Cruelty-free too!) Find the perfect targeted treatment for your every need here.

Dry, damaged nails

“Life changing! I’ve never had strong nails and tried Acai Nail Elixir in desperation. I started a brutal chemotherapy regime, during which I was expecting my nails to suffer badly. I can honestly say that my nails are stronger than they have ever been. Nailberry has made that possible.”
Cathy, Nailberry customer

Fortified with antioxidants Acai Berry and Vitamin E, plus amino acids, Argan and Baobab oils, Acai Nail Elixir is our bestselling 5-in-1 base coat and treatment. Proven to reduce breakage and improve nail nourishment, growth and resilience, it’s attracted multiple industry awards and a host of five-star customer reviews.

For best results: Apply a layer to nails every three days for one week, then remove and repeat.

Sonia’s pro tip: Cut, rather than file, very damaged nails short. This only needs to be temporary, but keeping them short will boost recovery time while you’re using a treatment.

Fragile, splitting nails

“A total restoration after Shellac damage. After just a few treatments, my nails felt stronger, more flexible and less likely to split. A few weeks later, my nails are totally restored to a really healthy length. Wonderful wonder-product!”
Skye, Nailberry customer

Proven to dramatically boost nail condition and strength while reducing splitting, it’s no surprise so many call The Cure a miracle worker. Thanks to its unique balance of mineral-rich Black Algae, antioxidant Acai Berry Extract and hydrating multivitamins, a 3-week course is all fragile nails need to restore vitality and shine.

Weak nails

“A great tonic for my dull nails. Even after a few applications, I noticed a difference. Used under the Nailberry beautiful polishes, my colour looked great for days.”
Cristina, Nailberry customer

Whether you’ve noticed nails start to weaken or you simply want to keep them in tip-top condition, our dual-action Strengthen & Breathe is the can’t-go-wrong base coat. Add a single layer under your Nailberry colour and you’re promised a noticeably healthier, longer-lasting and beautifully conditioning manicure.

Cracked cuticles

“Miraculous little bottle! After a week of using it, the difference is incredible. My dry & tatty cuticles are so much healthier. Plus all my lovely Nailberry polishes go on much better around the cuticles.”
Kim, Nailberry customer

Cracked cuticles are a pain in themselves, what’s worse is that they also expose the nail bed to bacteria and irritants. To solve this, our Founder, Sonia, hails keeping cuticles moisturised as her no.1 way to maintain protected, healthily conditioned tips. Massage our Little Treasure Nourishing Oil into cuticles each night. Its concentrated blend of Sweet Almond Oil and multivitamins soothe, rejuvenate and nurture them back to health.

Don’t forget…

Whenever you’re ready to remove and repeat your nail treatment or switch your Nailberry colour, always use an acetone-free polish remover, such as Clean. Acetone-based solutions can be very drying and irritating on nails and cuticles. Instead, Clean harnesses a balance of organic solvents to remove polish quickly and kindly, while revitalising the nail bed and surrounding skin with its complex of AHAs and Muscat Rose Tree Oil.