Deliciously dark | Our favourite Halloween nail trends

Deliciously dark | Our favourite Halloween nail trends

Frightfully fun

Ways to wear 

Gothic glamour, spooky style or creepily cute… create the ultimate finish to your Halloween wardrobe with these head-turning looks.

Spooky stripes 

Simple and
so contemporary, opt for a mix of bold colour blocks and alternating bands using our opaque white, Flocon, bright red-orange, Decadence, and sleek, shiny Black Berry.

Artful Arachnid 

Striking yet subtle in equal measure, pair opaque white, 
Flocon, with intense kohl, Black Berry, and craft delicate spider webs over a solid black base. 

Stylish skeletons 

A steady hand will serve you well when shaping these stunning skeletons, using our icy-white Flocon alongside dramatically dark Black Berry.

Get Halloween ready with these three essential shades:

Black Berry






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