Cuticle care | Our expert essentials

Cuticle care | Our expert essentials
Yearn for strong, healthy and beautifully conditioned nails? Ask any nail technician and they’ll declare the secret lies in putting strong foundations firmly in place with cuticle care. Yet, as imperative as it is to good nail health, it’s also often the one thing many of us forget.

Care for cuticles and they’ll care for you

The cuticle sits at the base of each nail, sealing this area and protecting the nail bed from damage and bacteria. Should the cuticle crack, snag or even be removed intentionally, this protection disappears leaving nails exposed to the possibility of infection (hence why we never advocate removing them).

Air-conditioning, central heating, seasonal extremes, home and office work or insufficient nutrition all increase the likelihood of dry, dehydrated and damaged cuticles and nails. Without replacing the moisture these everyday factors deplete, condition, strength and growth will soon suffer.

(The same, of course, goes for our skin – after all, most of us wouldn’t consider starting the day without applying facial moisturiser, nor would we neglect using a night cream.)

We’re here to show that keeping nails and cuticles nourished and hydrated – and, therefore, securing healthier nails – really doesn’t require much effort. Simply equip yourself with our day and night nail and cuticle care duo and leave all the hard work to them.

Daytime, anytime!

Ultra-light, intensely hydrating and non-oily, Treat Conditioning Cuticle Cream is your on-the-go nail care essential at home, work or wherever your day takes you. Be sure not to let its compact size and feather-light texture fool you though… this chic pot of concentrated cream is a powerhouse of rich botanical oils and nourishing actives, including antioxidant Marula and Jojoba Oils plus Shea Butter and Rose Essential Oil. Deeply smoothing, soothing, softening and protecting, it’s your quick and easy cuticle care partner on both bare and manicured nails. 
“This cream is transforming my nails. The texture and smell are delightful. Definitely recommend this product… heaven in a jar.”
Janet, Nailberry customer

For best results, massage a little of this professional-standard treatment over clean, bare nails and cuticles, or over dry, polished nails. Its formula sinks in seamlessly, leaving no trace of oil or greasiness on skin (and, therefore, no risk of transferring to clothes). So simple and quick, you’ll feel and see the benefits right away.

Treat’s added advantage? It comes in a chic purse-friendly pot. Keep one on your dressing table, by your desk and in your tote… subtle reminders wherever you are and at any time to give your tips some TLC.

Golden wonder

Deeply restorative, fortifying and protecting, Little Treasure Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil is the perfect evening or night-time nail treat. A rich complex of concentrated Sweet Almond Oil with moisture-restoring multivitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6, this remarkable formula intensely replenishes, repairs and rejuvenates peeling, cracking or dry nails – nourishing and nurturing them back to health while you rest.
“These drops are simply divine, I absolutely love the smell and feel of them on my nails.”
Layla, Nailberry customer

Like Treat, Little Treasure is small yet very mighty, with each diminutive bottle lasting a long time. It can, of course, be used and enjoyed during the day, though some of you may prefer not to carry Little Treasure in your purse or apply them to nails, due to the risk of the natural oils transferring onto clothing, bags or equipment.

For best results, drop a single drop of Little Treasure over each clean, bare nail, or over dry, polished nails before you retire to bed. Next, gently massage the formula into nails and cuticles until the oil has soaked in. And there you have it: instantly softer, smoother and beautifully conditioned cuticles.

As with all our nail treatments and polishes, you can be assured our Treat and Little Treasure formulas are breathable, cruelty-free, vegan and Halal certified. Read more customer reviews, explore our formulas in more detail or purchase them here.