Breathe easy | The nail health advantages of our landmark blends

Breathe easy | The nail health advantages of our landmark blends

You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it, and most of you reading this will have experienced it… but how many of you perhaps question just a little of our claim around ‘colour your nails healthy’? After years of experience and education around nail polish being far from healthy, such a strapline sounds just too good to be true. Rest assured it really isn’t. 

In our article Purpose and Polish, we talk about how our landmark launch of a breathable, oxygenated and moisture permeable nail polish range, L’Oxygéné, in 2015 propelled Nailberry polishes ahead of conventional nail colour. Formulas were now healthier and inclusive for all, yet with no compromise on colour, quality or gloss. But how exactly is such a polish achieved? Here, we reveal the technology behind our blends and, of course, their important benefits for your nails.

Our patented L’Oxygéné formula uses an advanced oxygen technology to create a non-occlusive film over nails – a structure that doesn’t block the flow of oxygen and moisture on a molecular level. This permeable film is far more respectful of nails’ natural physiology, allowing nails to naturally behave and grow without the restrictions that conventional polishes enforce. In fact, testing showed L’Oxygéné is the most breathable nail formula available on the market - something we’re especially proud of.

Yet, like our hair, nails are essentially made of keratin, a protective protein that doesn’t need to breathe. So why the need for breathable formulas? 

Breathable polishes as a whole foster a far better nail care environment and experience. The Argan and Baobab Oils in our Acai Nail Elixir and the concentrated Sweet Almond Oil in our Little Treasure Nail and Cuticle Oil provide a clue that, in order to remain healthy and non-brittle, our nails need nourishment. Conventional polishes can dry out nails, plus the formulas may trap or strip away the natural oils on our skin and nails. The worst culprits for this, however, are peel-off polishes and semi-permanent gel formulas, which can then weaken nails and leave them dry, peeling or cracking. Breathable and moisture permeable polish is different, enabling oils to move over nails and keep them hydrated.

As touched upon earlier, our breathable formula came with no compromise on colour and quality. We desire to create extraordinary polishes and hence take advantage of the finest raw materials at their purest levels and the very latest nail technology available to achieve this. 

The result? These breathable, moisture permeable formulas have an unparalleled capability to hold heavy colour pigment load, yet are far from thick and clumping, instead sweeping rich, vibrant and glossy colour easily and evenly over nails. UV filters protect such joyful colour against discolouration and yellowing, while the ultra-lightweight nature of the formula minimises the risk of chipping so commonly associated with thick layers of polish. 

And finally, though certainly no less importantly, we move onto the social impact of our L’Oxygéné blend. A key consideration for our founder, Sonia, was making Nailberry inclusive for all, and a pivotal benefit of our breathable, moisture permeable and cruelty-free formula is that it was awarded Halal certification. Those of you wishing to can explore more about our Halal Certification here.

In summary therefore, whether it’s the effortless application and high shine, streak-free finish you love most, or the long-lasting, nail health-respecting finish our award-winning formulas achieve on each and every wearer, we’re pretty sure you would agree that breathable is, most certainly, better… and that is really is possible to colour your nails healthy!