Beneath the surface | The secret to growing stronger nails

Beneath the surface | The secret to growing stronger nails

Back in 2012, we made it our mission to deliver a healthier manicure. Disheartened by the damage and dryness induced by lifestyle, pollution, seasonal change and gel manicures, we set about formulating a range of nail polishes and treatments that combated concerns, repaired damage and nourished nails. 

Today, we stand by this quest just as much as we did eight years ago. As with our skin and hair, we advocate taking good care of nails too (a routine so often neglected in our busy lives). A little diligence every day really does reap rewards when it comes to boosting strength and preventing peeling and splitting… here are five easy yet effective ways to improve nail health. 

1. Smoothly does it

Your nail file is an essential part of your beauty toolkit, yet the file you choose and how you use it can make a big difference to nail health. For natural nails, reach for a professional standard file like The Nailberry File and file your nail only in one direction. 

Thanks to the fine 180/240 grit and dual-sided cushioned pad, nails are gently smoothed and shaped without any risk of splitting, as could occur with coarser files or a more abrasive action.

2. Nourish your nails

We’re well versed in the very many virtues of skin and hair oils, but what about nail oils? We say it’s an investment you’ll never regret making. So much takes place beneath the surface of your nail bed, that keeping this area conditioned and healthy with a treatment oil is key to growing stronger nails.

With its concentrated Sweet Almond Oil and multivitamin complex, massaging Little Treasure Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil over bare or already manicured nails and cuticles at night powerfully protects against peeling, dryness and cracking while also helping restore nails already suffering from these concerns. 

3. Caring colour removal

Our commitment to bringing you a healthier manicure reassuringly extends to colour removal. Acetone-based nail polish removers have acquired a pretty terrible reputation for drying out and irritating natural nails and cuticles. Yet, with our revolutionary Clean Bi-Phase Nail Colour Remover, you don’t need to compromise on nail health. Vegan friendly, acetone- and paraben-free, plus infused with rejuvenating AHAs, nourishing Muscat Rose Tree Oil and moisturising Glycerin, it swiftly removes all traces of polish while conditioning nails and the surrounding skin.

4. Don’t forget your gloves

As mentioned in the last point, frequent exposure to water can have a disastrous effect on nail health. Limit the likelihood of peeling, splitting, cracking or breaking by wearing gloves for all household (and garden) chores.

5. Treat yourself to the pro touch

A professional manicure – not to mention the personalised expert advice that usually accompanies your appointment – makes all the difference to future nail health. They’re also, of course, a wonderful way to unwind after work or at the weekend! 

Put your nail health into the very best of hands and make a date with a Nailberry Partner Salon. This way, you’re ensured of beautiful breathable nail colours and award-winning treatments that care for your nails’ physiology. Here’s to enjoying your healthiest ever manicure!