25-free UV Gloss Top Coat | Innovation Spotlight

25-free UV Gloss Top Coat | Innovation Spotlight
Many of you tell us time and time again how you love the difference our top coats make to your manicure. They protect from chips, scuffs and fading colour, enhance the sublimely shine of your polish and help keep your nails healthy with their breathable, 12-free, vegan and Halal formula. With our very newest range addition, we wanted to take these benefits even further…

UV Gloss Top Coat doesn’t only bring you the hardest-wearing, plumpest, glossiest, lamp-free, gel-effect finish, it’s also even more respectful of nails’ healthy condition. Here, we shine a spotlight on the ingredients and innovation we include - and exclude - that make our new favourite finisher a leader in the gel-effect top coat category.

“UV Gloss Top Coat has been a very long time in the making. Creating a sunshine activated, ultra-long-wear top coat that completely and confidently enabled you to switch from gel manicures was going to take some effort… but I couldn’t be prouder of the final result. I really do believe this product is going to become a Nailberry favourite for so many very soon!”
Sonia, Nailberry Founder

Superior staying power

To create a flexible, 3-dimensional and powerfully protective layer that resists chips, locks in colour and greatly prolongs polish wear, we use breakthrough Wear-Boost Reactive Technology. The additional benefit of this innovation is that it reacts with sunlight to cure the top coat with no UV or LED lamp required.

Fast-drying finish

Despite the added tech, you can rest assured UV Gloss Top Coat doesn’t create a thick layer that takes a long time to dry. In fact, its feather-light, fluid formula cures hard in just mere minutes.

Unrivalled shine

We’ve heard from several customers disappointed by other brands’ promises of gel-like shine, yet delivery of substandard, plastic-looking polish. With UV Gloss Top Coat, the smooth, easy application and super-rich, gel-effect gloss finish comes from using a premium quality, crystal clear polymer-based blend. With it, you can now achieve a whole new level of salon standard top coat performance from the comfort of your home.

Colour your nails healthy

As with our L’Oxygéné nail colours, UV Gloss Top Coat applies the latest advanced oxygen technology, creating a film that’s permeable to air and water vapour (so lets nails breathe) yet is still highly adherent to your nails.

A kinder top coat

Of course, what we choose to leave out of a formula is as important to its performance and wear as what we add in. UV Gloss Top Coat takes our 12-free promise further; free of intentional use of these 25 toxic ingredients:

Some of these are no longer allowed in nail formulas, while we actively choose to exclude others out of choice in line with our vegan, cruelty-free values or due to concerns over their effects on nail health.

“I didn’t think your polishes could get any better but, WOW, this is incredible. My manicure lasts even longer, I get even less chips and it really does look like I’ve had gel nails. Knowing this is also much kinder to my nails is such a bonus.”
Layla, Nailberry customer

If you’re yet to discover the game-changing effect of UV Gloss Top Coat, read all about its unique, gel-like finish in our blog and purchase it here.